Service Brochures (PDF)

    We offer efficient, energy saving technologies for Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Industries, Oil and Gas Production Facilities, Exploration Units, Power Plants and related industries including Decoking & Descaling (Pigging).

    We are an international company who developed a unique On-Line chemical cleaning method, to be applied in process furnaces, steam boilers/generators and air coolers in the Oil & Gas and Power industries for servicing:

    · Refinery Furnaces: both Radiant and Convection sections
            (Furnaces can be operated by refinery/waste gas or by fuel oil or a combination)

    · Steam Boilers: Fire Box, Convection, Economizer and Super Heater sections

    · Air Coolers: Forced or Induced draft

    Our methods improve the total efficiency of the furnace/boiler/air cooler by increasing the heat transfer factor. We perform our On-Line cleaning during normal operating conditions. No need to stop the furnace, boiler or air cooler.

    Sentro will provide you a full “turn-key” service which includes: skilled manpower, equipment and chemicals, to perform the project from start to finish. The cleaning is guaranteed to remove layers of organic and inorganic dirt, such as:

    >  Hydrocarbons components coming from the fuel, asphaltenes, polymers,
        sulfuric components
    >  Coke and Ash
    >  Corrosion scale, mainly iron oxide.
    >  Other inorganic scale, minerals, salts
    >  Inert materials from the refractory, such as soft ceramic fiber
    >  Other materials sucked from the atmosphere such as plans, feathers, dust etc...

    Main benefits of cleaning the furnaces/boilers and keeping a periodic cleaning schedule are the following:

    - Maintain high efficiency of the furnace/boiler:-
    - Reduce temperature profile (cell, bridge wall, stack)
    - Low energy consumption,
    - Option to increase throughput if desired,
    - Low emission rate (pollution),
    - Low heat loss via furnace walls and stack.

    Avoid maintenance costs related to off-line cleaning (such as: scaffolding etc..)
    - Avoid non-production costs when the furnace/boiler is not working
    - Remove hidden and exposed corrosion scale
    Extend life of the tubes
    Avoid “hot spots”
    Avoid wall thickness problems, cracks and holes
    Avoid damage to refractory when cleaning mechanically off-line

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