Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry Inspection

Advanced Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection Technology

Game-Changing Tube Inspection Technology for Heat Exchangers
















  • It is very fast, requiring only 10 seconds or less per tube

  • Due to its increased speed, it can inspect 100% of the tubes, eliminating need to compromise

  • It can see U-bends - which are critical areas for defects -  that all other inspection methods can not see

  • It can see through partial blockages, including defects located AFTER a blockage, which other inspection methods can not see

  • It requires a standard, EddyCurrent level, cleanliness 

  • It digitalizes the tube sheet plate and numerates the tubes, so tubes can not be skipped or done twice 

  • It provides an immediate digital accurate report within 48 hours or less (<2 hours) if time is constrained


Comparison to Existing Methods - EddyCurrent & IRIS





































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